Mission Statement


“Our mission is to give both IT and Procurement, a refreshing partner and supplier experience, with unique insights into their industry and how technological communication is set to impact on their business. ”

We understand many businesses have had bad experiences when dealing with previous telecom suppliers and we’re here to ensure that’s a thing of the past. We exist because the networks can’t physically service all their customers as they’d like to, and we grow with success because we prove both customer satisfaction and transparent communication should always be at the heart of every business.

CCS work on behalf of the major networks to give regional and national businesses the attention to detail and the quality care they deserve. Cutting out the middleman may seem quicker to some, but this isn’t the case. The networks SLA’s can vary from 1-5 working days when dealing direct and that’s just to receive ‘a new bit of kit’.

Thanks to decades of  trusted relationships with all major networks, we are able to provide a highly efficient, streamlined and a cost effective service to all our clients. Our team of experts are always at hand, to anticipate and react to your every need. We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround times and can  provide your business with specific billing and data analysis, tailored to your requirements.

Transparency, efficiency and reliability is our forte.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our clients.

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